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Today, the issue of countries and individuals in need of support is a global problem. Governments are trying to work together to deal with the issues posed by the effects of global trade and national economics but the poverty and social injustice encountered by the peoples of the world is pointing to our own self destruction, if as individuals, we do not take action together to help those in need. Surely, it must become our duty to help the less fortunate fellow citizens on this planet we all share and to cherish and use its resources wisely.

Together we can make a difference to help those that are less fortunate.

Since the G8 summit a few years ago in Scotland Tony Blair and his international counterparts made promises and Bob Geldof appealed to "MAKE POVERTY HISTORY".

Yes, all very good intentions at the time but now there is a global financial crisis, and so all these promises have been called into question or have been broken.

We are mobilising interested parties, either individuals or organisations, into working alongside the poor and needy, at home and outside the UK, regardless of race or religion, to make this a fairer world.

Trustees Declaration

We would like to point out that neither the trustees, nor the director and any others who are working for Humanos, receive a salary or remuneration, and are all willing to support our good causes in their spare time.

With your help and support we can do more.  Registered Scottish Charity: SC042807